Pro Instructors

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Sophy Kdep


  • West Coast Swing
  • Country
  • Ballroom
  • Hustle

A Constant promoter of West Coast Swing since 1998, her classes provide expert instruction in a fun and encouraging environment. Her work is more than just swinging around the dance floor. Swing, country, hustle, ballroom, and theater arts are all styles her and her partner, Jason Miklic excel in. From weekly lessons to choreography to performing and judging, Sophy knows her way around every aspect of the dance world. Come grab a hand, cut a rug and share in her passion and knowledge for dancing.

Geoff Newell
Abigail Schneider

2023 Rising Star Champions

  • West Coast Swing
  • Ballroom
  • Country
  • Hustle
  • Latin
  • ECS
  • Lindy

Abi’s diverse dance background consists of Country, West Coast Swing, American Ballroom, Social Latin, Lindy, Balboa, Hustle and more! These all combine together to create a delightfully knowledgeable teacher with a gift for passing along information. She began dancing Lindy Hop in the middle of the Neo-Swing era in 1998 at the world famous Derby in Hollywood. Growing up in Los Angeles, she always had interest in partner dancing because, as someone who had to lead in life, she aspired to understand what it meant to follow. After moving cross country to North Carolina in 2006, she discovered the West Coast Swing scene was more popular than the Lindy/Balboa scene and she craved the social aspect of community. Abi later moved to Huntsville, AL where she currently resides. Abi is amidst completion of her Bachelor’s degree and about to start a Master’s program. With little free time on her hands, she does manage to find time to enjoy crafting, cooking, playing the piano, and building with Legos. Abi was a musician before she became a dancer and lately, she has been going back to her roots of piano and singing. She played professionally until her mid-20s when her focus shifted to raising kids and dancing. Abi’s favorite aspect of dancing is the never-ending challenge; as she says, “There is always something to learn and improve on”.

 Geoff has been instructing dancers all over the United States since 2013. In college, he served as the President of the University of Georgia Ballroom Dance Club and the Vice President for the Ballroom Performance Group, teaching group lessons for both organizations while also teaching group and private lessons for Athens Swing Night. He became a full time instructor in 2018 and teaches the full range of American Social Dance Styles, with emphasis in Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, and the American Ballroom styles. Geoff has competed and won at several dance events, including The Open Swing Dance Championships, Grand Nationals Dance Championships, The Atlanta Open, and the Southern Swing Challenge. He is the 2023 NASDE Rising Star Champion. He holds a first place trophy from a regional Dancing With The Stars competition. His work as a director and choreographer has been featured in sold out showcases throughout the Southeast United States.  
    As a teacher, Geoff focuses on building a relationship with the music and culture associated that gave birth to each style of dance, and helping each student get the most out of their own abilities. He firmly believes that anyone with a heartbeat can find a home on the dancefloor. After all, even the best dancers only move one step at a time.

Ronnie & Cindy Mullins

2024 UCWDC
World Champions

Couples Classic Crown Plus

  • Two-Step
  • West Coast Swing
  • East Coast Swing
  • Triple Step
  • Polka
  • Waltz
937-667-9411 (landline)
937-620-3406 (text)

Ronnie & Cindy Mullins have been dancing together since 1994. They started just for fun & are now owners of Studio Outback located in Tipp City, just north of Dayton. Ronnie & Cindy earned their way into the Crown Division, the highest division in their dance circuit. They have earned 5 Worlds titles competing against couples across the U.S., Africa, Canada, & Europe. They are the current United Country Western Dance Council 2024 Crown Plus World Champions

Ronnie & Cindy enjoy teaching both social & competition students. If interested in competing as an amateur there are age divisions from youth through ages 80 & above! So, whether you are looking for private instruction, group workshops, competition, or just for fun there is something for everyone!

Lamarr Williford


  • West Coast Swing
  • Two-Step
  • Shag
  • Salsa
  • Hustle

Lamarr Williford is an All-Star West Coast Swing competitor, performer, choreographer, instructor and artist. He rose to the top tier of the competitive West Coast Swing circuit in only four years, an accomplishment that takes a lifetime for many. Originally from Chicago, Lamarr now resides in Grand Rapids Michigan.

While Lamarr specializes in teaching excellent technique on the dance floor, he feels that being a good role model and practicing good social etiquette is equally important. “Being part of a dance community is a privilege,” says Lamarr. “Always treat others with kindness and lead with respect.”

Hunter Hobbs


  • West Coast Swing
  • Line Dance

Hunter Hobbs is an Instructor, Competitor and Dance Community Leader based in Charleston, WV, with ten years experience. Starting his journey from the age of 13, Hunter was encouraged by his mom to take his first Line Dance class and has been hooked ever since. He first discovered West Coast Swing six years ago and immediately fell in love with the dance. Hunter continues to work on his craft by training with the top dancers, teachers and competitors from all over.

Nathan Congrove

Line Dance Instructor

  • Line Dance

Nathan is a dedicated line dancer who embarked on his journey at the age of 15 under the guidance of renowned instructor Debbie Modesitt. With a fervent passion for line dancing, Nathan’s expertise has expanded to include various dance styles since relocating to Charleston three years ago. Beyond his dance proficiency, Nathan is an avid enthusiast of Disney and Dolly Parton, reflecting his diverse interests. Known for his infectious enthusiasm, Nathan takes joy in spreading smiles through his teaching, fostering a welcoming environment, and building connections with those who share his love for dance.

Annie Monnin


  • West Coast Swing
  • East Coast Swing
  • Lindy Hop

Annie is a West Coast Swing Rising Star competitor. She began dancing East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop in 2016, adding West Coast Swing in 2018. She has quickly risen through the ranks of the West Coast Swing since she began competing in 2019, achieving the ‘Advanced’ level. Her passion is to share her love and joy for swing dance and to share its rich history. She loves exploring where the different types of swing intersect often adding Lindy Hop flare to her West Coast Swing. Annie approaches the dance community as if it a were family. She believes dancing is a fantastic way to build confidence, exercise your body and mind, meet new friends, maintain relationships and add joy to your life and to the lives of others.

Bree Reynolds
Ritz Ballroom Studio
Owner, Instructor

  • All Ballroom Dances
  • West Coast Swing
  • Line Dances

Rising Star!

The Ritz 859-371-1151
Bree (859) 486-7700

Growing up in a studio run by her parents who were professional ballroom dance instructors, Bree started ballroom dancing at the age of 3 years old and competed in her first ballroom competition at the young age of 5 years old. Bree has been dancing and competing for over 20 years and has been professionally teaching ballroom, latin, west coast swing, wedding choreography, line dance, and partner dancing for the past 9 years. Throughout her life she has trained in many dance styles like jazz, hip hop, contemporary, and ballroom but has found her love and passion for west coast swing, line dancing, and wedding choreography!

Bree owns The Ritz Ballroom Dance Studio with her mom in Florence Kentucky and is a full time dance instructor. She currently competes in rising star and has been competing all over the country in west coast swing.

Her passion is to spread her love and joy for dance while being inviting and welcoming to everyone. As she tries to provide a family like environment for her dance community. She believes dancing is such a great way to boost your self esteem, exercise your body mentally and physically, meet new friends, connect with other people and add joy to your life!

Chris and Melissa Moy

All Star

West Coast Swing


Known for their entertaining style and emotionally captivating musicality, Chris and Melissa Moy are premier West Coast Swing Dance Instructors in the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit area. Melissa and Chris also specialize in Zouk as part of their teaching repertoire, offering a social style of Zouk instruction. In either dance, they offer a unique teaching experience focused on technique, purposeful practice and fun all while adapting their instruction technique to each student and fostering each dancer’s unique style. As two of the original members of the Ann Arbor Swing Society, they are enthusiastic about growing Swing and Zouk around Michigan and the Midwest, forming relationships with other dance communities. Chris and Melissa Moy are pleased to offer their instruction services for workshops, private lessons, group lessons, choreography and demonstrations.

Doug and Elaine Morgan


  • West Coast Swing

Doug and Elaine Morgan began dancing nearly 18 years ago when they signed up for a ballroom class at the YMCA. They quickly found they had an aptitude and interest for dancing. It wasn’t long before they discovered West Coast Swing and their interest turned into a passion, creating the opportunity for them to compete and social dance nationwide. They have been instructing WCS for the past 14 years, and truly enjoy the opportunity to share their passion with others.

Kristen and Hank

  • West Coast Swing
  • East Coast Swing
  • Two-Step


Kristen has trained in dance, gymnastics and cheer since she was a toddler in West Chester Ohio. As a basketball and football cheerleader at Lakota West High School, her team won the national cheer leading competition 2 years in a row, the only team to ever accomplish this feat. She worked her way through college coaching gymnastics at a nationally renowned gym in Ann Arbor MI. It was in college that she discovered partner dancing, joining a ballroom dance company which performed in the A2 – metro Detroit area. After college she discover West Coast Swing which quickly became her main focus. 15 years and 2 children later, it is still the dance she loves most, but Cheer is her specialty.

Hank began dancing in 1994 when a girlfriend dragged him kicking and screaming into a country bar to take two-step lesson. He had never been exposed to either, but in no time he was hooked on dancing (the girlfriend not so much). It just so happened that this country bar decided to bring in the best instructors they could find. which were UCWDC world champion Mike Wagner and NASDE Champion Brandy Tobias (Guild) which were his first professional instructors. In 1999, Hank discovered the Retro Swing movement where he focused his efforts on a Retro version of East Coast Swing, eventually learning many of the aerial lifts and other movements. Hank was soon hired by a talent agency to perform his retro style Swing Dance at corporate events for companies such as Chrysler Corporation, Diamler, Comerica Bank, Adistra Corporation and others. He also was hired to teach at various swing dance clubs and events. While Hanks loves WCS and two-step, his specialty is Retro Swing Dance.

Hank and Kristen met in 2008 when she discovered WCS, after which they began competing together and soon began hosting social dance events. They soon became partners in life as well as dance.