Sophy Kdep

  • Fancy Footwork

Hometown WSDC Champion Sophy will cover the technical and styling aspects of good solid West Coast Swing. Learn the secrets of how the pros look so great on the dance floor from the best of the best!

Ronnie and Cindy Mullins

  • Two-Step

Ronnie and Cindy are the 2024 reigning UCWDC World Champions – Couples Classic Crown Plus, and have been competing for decades at the highest level. They will be teaching proper two-step technique at the intermediate-advanced level. They will be covering all aspects of the dance from syncopated footwork to arm styling.

Abi Schneider and Geoff Newell

  • Winning Routines

Abi and Geoff will be demonstrating the techniques and tips they used to get to the top in today’s competitive dance world. They explain the choreography theory behind their incredible success.

Lamarr Williford

  • Switch – Advanced

Anyone who has watched Lamarr on the dance floor knows that his cool, calm, rock-solid style is near perfection. Learn what his favorite techniques are so that you can be a rock-solid rock-star on the dance floor too. Lamarr will instruct ‘Switch’, which will help you transition smoothly between the leader and follower roles.