About SDM!

SDM! Mission Statement

Love, Learn, Laugh and DANCE!


What is SDM! all about?

Social Dance Mania is just what the name implies, a dance event for people who are manic about dance where they can relax, socialize, dance, learn and have fun with like minded people, without the pressure of competitions. Its the best place to meet up and catch up with all your dance family!

SDM! is especially designed to maximize FUN in a relaxed social setting, which is why there are no competitions to worry about. Yes, there are a few fun and hilarious contests, but just for pure entertainment. A relaxed social setting is paramount to all that we do! Come, relax, learn, have fun, and DANCE!

SDM! is designed to be an opportunity for dancers to learn new skills in dances they already know, or to learn entirely new dances. At the very least it will allow dancers to be exposed to a variety of dances, which can really get the creative juices flowing! Before you know it you will taking WCS moves and using them in your Two-Step and vice-versa!

SDM! workshops are taught by the most creative instructors we could find, who care deeply about their craft. Their workshops are well thought out and designed to maximize the time you spend with them, taking your dance to the next level.

SDM! is all about building and supporting a strong dance community:

  • By supporting Social Dance Mania, you are supporting us all, our community’s dance instructors and our entire dance community.
  • SDM is committed to supporting OUR Dance Community!
    • SDM strives to support PROs who are part of our dance community.
    • SDM supports our community’s up and coming rising stars by having them to teach at our events. In turn they take more lessons, hone their skills and pass it back on to the community.
    • SDM provides training to our community PROs whom we all take lessons from year round, so that they in turn can teach you more effectively with the best techniques and latest methods. Having ‘Teach the Teacher’ workshops are vital to keeping our awesome group of instructors up to date on the latest techniques and trends which they in turn share with the community.
  • SDM is affordable, keeping event registration prices as low as possible. We strive to hire as many of the pros from our community as we think our thrifty budget can afford, allowing them to take more lessons which they can then share with our community year round.
  • Emphasis on SOCIAL! SDM brings the community together to relax, share their knowledge and socialize. No competitions, just fun!

SDM! Format

There are a number of dances that are performed just for fun in social settings that the SDM! event will primarily focus on which are West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Two-Step, and Hustle, but also included to a lesser degree are other social dances including other Ballroom and Country dances.

Open dancing Friday and Saturday evenings on the main ballroom ‘Floor A’ will focus primarily on West Coast Swing, but will also include an occasional Two-Step, Waltz, and Shag.