Dance Floor

Our dance floor is awesome!

The dance floor is why we are able to get together to dance, the center of attention. Our dance floor is designed by dancers for dancers. We use only the best materials, special ordered for its specific dance properties, 9 ply 1/2 inch birch cabinetry plywood, not what you will find in the big box home centers. We designed our floors without the need for screws of any kind penetrating the dance floor surface, so you don’t have to be concerned about sharp screw heads popping up, destroying your costly dance shoes or cutting your feet, leaving you on the sidelines. We also designed the dance floor with interlocking fingers underneath that ‘float’ the floor off the ground, allowing the floor to give under weight, preventing soar aching feet, allowing you to dance longer and better. These fingers also perfectly align each panel with mating panels, so there is no edge lift, gaps or misalignment, so unlike screwed down floors, this prevents tripping hazard from cheap warped or lifted plywood which can cause injuries and destroy your dance shoes or even your feet.