DJ’s And MC

Toni Carroll – Head DJ

Toni met her husband Steve, 26 years ago while dancing and together they fell in love with West Coast Swing. A few years later, the President of the local swing club asked Toni to DJ and, with his mentoring, also fell in love with playing the music that got people on the floor.

Today, Toni DJs for two local WCS clubs in Columbus, Ohio and is part of JasonandSophy dance in Cincinnati, Ohio She also DJs for numerous local and competitive events in the Midwest including; Swing City Chicago, Derby City Swing, Cincy Westie Bash, Ft. Wayne Dance for All, Swing Dance America, Michigan Classic, Indy Dance Explosion, Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Competition (TOSHC), Jammin’ in July, Chicagoland Dance Festival, Swingin’ Dance Party, Swing Pittsburgh, CASH Bash, Spotlight New Years Celebration, Meet me in St. Louis, and Atlanta Swing Classic. Toni and her husband Steve also provide sound for social events in Cincinnati & Columbus.

Toni’s goal as a DJ is to play music for all dancers. There is such a wide variety of tastes and Toni wants to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, whether it is in a social or a competitive setting.

Elaine Morgan – DJ

Elaine Morgan has been dancing West Coast Swing for 18 years and has been instructing WCS for the past 14 years. Elaine has taken every opportunity in that time to DJ for events and various dance clubs and truly enjoys the opportunity to get people moving and grooving on the dance floor. Elaine is the host of the Cincinnati First Saturday Swing that meets at Tango Del Barrio.

Geoff Newell – D.J. & M.C.

 Geoff has been instructing dancers all over the United States since 2013. In college, he served as the President of the University of Georgia Ballroom Dance Club and the Vice President for the Ballroom Performance Group, teaching group lessons for both organizations while also teaching group and private lessons for Athens Swing Night. He became a full time instructor in 2018 and teaches the full range of American Social Dance Styles, with emphasis in Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, and the American Ballroom styles.  

Errol Threewits

Errol D.J.s for several events on a monthly basis including the The Ohio 2-Step Dance Club held in Dayton. Errol is also a very accomplished Line Dancer, achieving UCWDC Intermediate Champion and competes in UCWDC couple. Errol will be our DJ for the Sunday evening Country dance.