Code of Conduct
  • Social Dance Mania! is welcoming to everyone, regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, dance ability, status or who they are in a relationship with. Bigotry in any form will not be tolerated.
  • Please be kind and respectful to everyone – attendees, SDM! staff, hotel staff etc..
  • If you are declined when asking for a dance, please be polite and just move along.
  • Please respect the boundaries of anyone you interact with on or off the dance floor. When dancing, be careful not to touch inappropriate areas. Ask if you are not sure. If you are feeling uncomfortable with another person’s behavior or receiving unwanted attention, please contact SDM! management to resolve the issue.
  • SDM! reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who breaks any of these rules, and if necessary deny further access to the event. Refunds will not be issued in such cases.
  • Have fun, relax and enjoy our awesome dance community!