Pass purchase Instructions

Step by Step instructions for purchasing passes, workshops, intensives and options.

Purchase ONE pass at a time!!

Select the “Buy Passes” icon.
The Boxoffice.VIP webpage appears.

NOTE: Discounts and coupons will be applied in the cart. Items that you select here that are included with your pass will have their cost deducted in the cart.

Please follow these instruction in order.
Purchase one pass at a time.

Choose your Pass Type

  • Locate the type of pass you wish to purchase.
    • _Pass-SDM Basic
    • _Pass-SDM Juniors
    • _Pass-SDM Staff
    • _Pass-SDM VIP
  • Select the “Add to Cart” button
    • A check-mark will appear on the “Add to Cart” button .

Choose Contests

  • Locate the dance contest(s) you would like to participate in.
    • Contest – All American
    • Contest – Two-Step Jack n’ Jill
    • Contest – Dancing with the VIP’s
      • VIP Pass holders only.
  • Select “Add to Cart” on each choice.

Choose Intensives

  • Locate the Intensives you would like to participate in.
    • Intensive – Advanced WCS
    • Intensive – A-Z WCS
    • Intensive – A-Z Two Step
    • Intensive – Build-A-Routine
    • Intensive – Fancy Footwork
  • Select “Add to Cart” on each choice.
  • Select the Intensives that you wish to participate in, including those that might be included with your Pass Type. Example: the VIP pass includes “A- Z WCS $30”, so you must select it here if you want to take that intensive. The $30 added to the cart will be deducted in the Cart.

Choose Seating (Last)

  • Locate the item: _Seating-Social Dance Mania.
  • Choose the “Select options” button.
  • Examine the SDM Seating Chart.
    • Determine which section you should sit in.
    • Locate the “Choose Seating Section” drop down box.
  • Select “Choose an Option” to drop down the dialog box.
  • Choose the appropriate Seating Section.
  • Select “Done“.
  • The Price of “$20” appears. This will be deducted in the cart.
  • Locate and select the link “Choose Seats(0)
    • The seating selector will open to the seating section you previously selected.
  • Choose a green dot with seat number at the table number where you would like to sit.
    • Grey seats are unavailable.
    • When necessary, scroll the tables up/down or left/right (hold a table and drag it).
    • The selected seat number dot will turn red.
  • Choose the “Selected Seats(1)” button.
  • Select the “Add To Cart” button.

View Cart

  • Select the “View Cart” button.
    • Ensure the selected items, quantity and prices in the cart are correct.
    • Select “Remove Item” to remove items from the cart.
    • Alternate: Select the Menu “Hamburger” at the top to open the menu
      • Choose “Cart” to view the Cart.
      • Choose “Events” to return to product selection.


  • Select the “Add a coupon” button
  • Enter coupon code(s) if available.
    • Enter code and “Apply
  • Select the “Proceed to Checkout” button.


  • Enter your email address. This is where your Pass/Receipt will be sent.
  • Enter the billing address that matches the payment method.

Payment options.

  • Select “Pay by check” if paying by check
    • Fill in the details
    • Checks must be received no less than one week prior to event.
  • Select “Credit/ Debit Card” if paying by card.
    • Fill out the card details.

Place Order

  • Select the “Place Order” button.
  • The pass will be emailed to the address supplied.
    • Verify that all of the information is correct.