Premium Workshops

Jason and Sophy

  • Intermediate West Coast Swing
  • Advanced West Coast Swing

Hometown WSDC Champions Jason and Sophy will cover the technical and styling aspects of good solid West Coast Swing. Learn the secrets of how the pros look so great on the dance floor from the best of the best!


  • Switch – Advanced
  • Anchor & Post
  • Build A Whip

Anyone who has watched Lamarr on the dance floor knows that his cool, calm, rock-solid style is near perfection. Learn what his favorite techniques are so that you can be a rock-solid rock-star on the dance floor too. Lamarr will instruct block three of the Whip Construction Set intensive which will help you be that rock solid framework that both the leader and follower can rely on 100%, allowing your partner to feel confident enough to really let loose.

  • Give and Take

Chris and Melissa are the quintessential West Coast Swing Couple, and its because they know how to ‘Give and Take’ on the dance floor. They communicate constantly with non-verbal queues that keeps them in perfect sync. They seem so much like a single unit you’d think they are telepathic! Learn how and when to give your partner the spotlight as well as how to take the spotlight when the time is right!

Bree Reynolds

  • Hip Hop for West Coast Swing
  • 2 Super Hot Line Dances

Dancer extraordinaire Bree Reynolds will be teaching two of the latest and greatest line dances ever! You don’t want to miss out on these, or you’ll have to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone who took these awesome workshops have all the fun!

In her Hip Hop for WCS workshop, you will learn the coolest Hip Hop moves and how to use it to spice up your WCS.